Asbestos Disposal in Raleigh, NC

Give your employees a safe building to work in when you turn to DLT Construction & Demolition for asbestos removal. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, our company offers asbestos inspections and abatement for homes and businesses in the area.

Asbestos Removal, Raleigh, NC

The Silent Killer

In the past, many buildings were constructed with materials containing asbestos. While asbestos was banned in construction in the early 2000s, many structures still contain some form of the material. Breathing in this substance can cause irreversible health problems, making it the silent killer. If demolition is performed in a structure containing asbestos, particles floating in the air will result in health issues for individuals within a certain distance.

While asbestos removal can be difficult for the average homeowner to detect, there are options available for you. Contact us today for a full inspection. Our team offers free estimates and will assess your property for any sign of the material.

Completing Your Removal

Due to the dangers involved with asbestos, it is essential that this material be removed from your building before any demolition services can take place. If you are preparing for a renovation or other construction work, call us for help. We perform a complete removal in every room of your structure.